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Love is complicated and in order to keep up a happy relationship, there needs to be a specific amount of dedication from both sides. Sometimes you need to give more than you take, but in the end it could be worth all the trouble.

Everyone has some sort of advice for relationships, ranging from great to atrocious. But dating is not an exact science. Every person and relationship they have is different. But no matter the circumstances, the same knowledge holds true for every meaningful relationship.

  • Love and know yourself: Yes, it is a bit cliché, but I’m not saying “If you can’t love yourself, how can you love someone else?” I’m saying that knowing who you are and accepting you for you is critical to a sound, meaningful relationship. Accepting yourself will save you numerous headaches from drama and arguments in the future. The saying should be “If you don’t truly know yourself, how can other people get to know you?”

  • Do not always assume that you are in the right and that everyone else is in the wrong: Because you are not some sort of superhuman who happens to have the “never wrong” superpower. Think with a level head in the event of a disagreement and take full consideration of your partner’s side of things. If you’re the type to get into arguments for no explainable reason, this is important. It’s better to think soundly and treat your partner with respect while admitting you’re wrong than going on a tirade trying to prove your point, upsetting both you and your partner.

  • Trust your partner and they will trust you: Trust is one of the biggest factors in any relationship, no matter if it is romantic or platonic. Friends trust friends, right? So why wouldn’t lovers trust lovers? The fact of the matter is that in a romantic relationship there is usually more on the line than there is in a platonic relationship and most people don’t want to lose someone they love more than anything in the world. There are naturally some situations where suspicion may come up — life is like that — but if one of those situations does not specifically come up, then there is no reason to oversee your partner to make sure they are being loyal. This is possibly the best piece of advice for relationships you can get. Years or months of commitment can get torn down in an instant with a simple feeling of distrust and finger pointing. It’s just silly to worry over loyalty all the time. If they’re with you now, why would they be going after someone else? Unless, of course, something specific gives you that feeling.

Each relationship has its own flavor and things just happen sometimes. Keep these three bits of advice for relationships in mind during your next or current relationship and trust me, things will go smoother than you’d ever expected. Sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest difference.

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There’s a ton of relationship advice online, and it all seems to cover every subject under the sun. Want to know how to get a girlfriend even though you’re really shy? There’s advice online for that. Want to know how to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you? There are some tips all over the internet for that. A lot of them cover dating and not many focus on just relationships, which makes sense seeing as many people don’t get past the dating phase. Everyone has a different take on relationships and there’s bound to be a slew of different relationship advice out there to look at since everyone has been in at least one — even the people who haven’t actually gotten past dating have “relationship” advice.

There is one sound and proven rule that everyone should follow and that everyone who is in a stable relationship does follow: Think about both of you, not just yourself. This is really tough, because most people have basically gone through their lives mostly thinking about themselves and not about the people around them. Besides when they wonder if something they say has hurt a friend’s feelings.

Nobody ever said that being with somebody was a walk in the park (though sometimes it is literally). When you’re having problems, take a good look at yourself before pointing fingers and wonder who is really to blame?

The truth is, people are pretty careless when it comes to relationships and almost all of the problems you go through in a relationship come down to either or both of you thinking about one another’s feelings or opinions. Consideration is key, but most relationship advice online will make it into a big list of things. This can really be about small or big things, like where you want to go to eat or who you hang out with. Taking your partner to a steakhouse even though they’re vegetarian, while potentially offensive, is a small thing. Telling them you saw a really hot girl or guy when you were out one day can be a big or small thing, depending. Forgetting about something they needed to do because you were too busy doing something you wanted to do usually turns out to be a big thing.

Usually the little things build up to make one big problem. Subtract your partner’s wants and needs from your plans too often, and either they’re going to get bitter or they’re going to break up with you. It’s as simple as that. In that same vein, if they ignore or regard your wants and needs as unimportant and are not willing to listen to you, then the relationship isn’t in your best interest as a whole.

The point of a relationship is for two people to be happy. Most relationship advice online tells you that much. But they don’t tell you that you need to consider what you do and how it affects your lover, because you are probably doing more damage to your relationship than you realize pretty often.

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Who out there can say they’ve never needed some dating relationships advice? Dating is rough as it is. You’re trying to impress the person you’re going out with and possibly find true love. If you move onto a relationship, things just get more difficult and can seem to be overwhelming to some people. However, there are things you can follow to make sure that your dating and relationship experiences go smoothly and hopefully land yourself someone who you will be with for the rest of your life.

Keep a clear line of communication open with the person you’re dating or in a relationship with. Communication is one of the most important aspects of any romantic relationship and if you don’t have a good line of communication, you don’t have a relationship in most cases. Both men and women appreciate honesty and openness from their lover and if you’re looking for a long-term commitment, you need to be ready to open both your heart and your mouth. Communication can’t be one-sided, it rarely works out well and you both probably want to be together for a long time.

Along those same lines, be honest with your lover. If they don’t want to hear about your past relationships, respect that, but don’t lie to them either. Especially about things that just come along. Be open and relaxed with your partner, it will pay off in the long run.

One of the biggest dating relationships advice is to trust your partner, within means. If they have a history of cheating, being a little suspicious is a given but don’t take it too far. If you are the one who has a history of cheating and your partner knows, expect that they’ll be a little suspicious but don’t take it too personally. Anyone would be in that type of situation. Being honest is a good way to counter suspicion, it lets your lover know that you are being sincere and don’t want to destroy the relationship for a little bit of fun.

Don’t chastise your lover or date because of their beliefs, you wouldn’t want them to do the same to you. If you can’t accept hem for what they are, why are you on a date or in a relationship with them? Respect other people’s opinions and beliefs just like you would want them to do for you. Why make someone else uncomfortable for your own satisfaction?

There is no set situation for any relationship and things can go any way, that’s why there is such a wide variety of dating relationships advice out there. There is advice out there for just about any situation and if things are going rough, don’t give up! There are always ways to work out your differences and push through the hard parts

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It’s different when teenagers date than when adults date, which should be obvious. Teenagers have distinct time and money constrictions most of the time, and there’s some pressure that teenagers feel that adults do not. Parent shave more than enough teenage dating advice to hand out, but often touching on some subjects is difficult for them and they come off as being mean or heavy handed. They’re not trying to be strict or a pain, just it’s difficult for most parents to cope with their children growing up.

1. It may not be cool to do so, but try to get home when you parents ask you to: This is tough to follow because you could be having a lot of fun with your girlfriend of boyfriend, but it’s better to just listen to your parents on this one. Either you’re going to make them be more tough on you or you’re going to get into a situation you can’t get out of.

2. Trust your own judgment: It’s hard to speak for yourself when you’re trying to impress the person you’re going out with, but there are some times when you need to take a stand. If you’re asked to do something you’re not comfortable with, the best answer is probably just to walk away. I’m not going to say “Don’t do something your parents wouldn’t do.” because there are a lot of things that you do that your parents have grown out of doing. But, there’s no need to jeopardize yourself to make yourself seem cool or to make sure that your girlfriend or boyfriend stays with you.

3. If it’s really love, treat it like it’s love: It’s pretty common for parents to say that you’re too young to love — but there is no minimum age to when you can feel true love. If you’re sure this is it, make sure your girlfriend or boyfriend knows. This is not really conventional teenage dating advice, but one of two things is going to happen: They are either going to return the feeling or they’re going to treat you differently. If they treat you differently, let them go. It’s not worth it. If they say they love you too, that’s fantastic! But don’t go and get eloped or something. Be together and treasure it, you’re a lot more lucky than a lot of people out there.

You may feel like an adult when you’re dating somebody, but the sad truth is that you’re not. Usually the teenage dating advice you get from your parents is good advice, it’s just hard to see it right now. Don’t let the person you’re dating pressure you into anything, but don’t let your parents constrict you too much. Find a happy medium and work with it

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Breaking up is barely ever a pleasant thing to have to do. Most of the time, the person not initiating the break up wants to stay with you, even if things aren’t peachy keen. You could get lucky and they actually want to break up, but if they wanted to you probably wouldn’t be looking for relationship break up advice. Don’t feel lost if you’re trying to break up and can’t figure out the best way to do it: Everyone needs break up advice once in a while.

Even if you have grown to dislike the person you’re going to break up with or they have treated you badly, there is a golden rule to relationship breakup advice: Do it in person, not over the phone or through email. Breaking up in person can be difficult for several reasons, but it won’t leave such a nasty taste in their mouth and you will regret it less later on. On top of that, it’s just more respectful and mature to sit down and tell the person to their face than to avoid them.

On that note, when breaking up with somebody there are a ton of clichéd phrases that you hear from movies or television and in some cases phrases that have become cheesy like “It’s not you, it’s me.” and “I think we should see other people.” are a good way to go. However, there are some relationships and situations where you really need to think about what you’re going to say. It’s not appropriate to break up with someone after four years or more of a relationship with phrases like the ones above and so many more that have been driven into us by the media.

Breaking up can be the most difficult part of a relationship. Do it in a way that you’re comfortable with and is respectful for both of you. You’ll feel good about it later

Breakup in a way that you won’t look back on and feel bad about. If you’re leaving a relationship you need to feel good about it, not like you just did the worst thing in the world. And especially don’t treat the person like they’re not worth breaking up with in person.

If you do decide to go the more respectful route, do it in a private place if you two are/were close. But don’t do it at home or at their place. Find somewhere with no one around to hear what you’re saying and to make it more comfortable for both of you. If you are not comfortable breaking up with them alone, go to a restaurant that you’re sure no one you know will come to and break the news quietly there. A restaurant is a neutral zone and will feel less threatening to them,

No matter the way you decide to break up, don’t look back and regret it. Make sure breaking up is what you absolutely want to do. That is the biggest piece of relationship break up advice. Don’t break up on a whim and be able to hold your head high afterward.

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Long distance relationships have their own category of communication and intimacy that other relationships don’t or can’t follow. These days, most long distance relationships are kept up online and people even meet each other online, making things much different from their real life counterparts. Just because you know someone online doesn’t mean you can’t fall in love with them, though. People all over the world can attest to that. But even long distance relationships go through tough times and need advice. That’s why there is long distance relationship advice out there for you to look into and see how to try to fix that is going wrong.

Since you’re not face to face with the person you’re dating there needs to be a certain level of trust between the two of you that normal relationships don’t really reach in most normal circumstances. If the two of you have known each other face to face before, then trust is a bit iffy. In long distance relationships that started out long distance, especially online ones, the concept of cheating doesn’t come up as often as it does in real life relationships. However, if you think your long distance lover is cheating on you, you should ask a lot of questions and call them often to tell them how much you love them. That can deter some bad fall outs, but not all of them.

Keep in mind that a higher percentage of long distance relationships fail than face to face relationships, so try to stave off disappointment and heart brokenness before it gets to you. You two can love each other more than anything in the world, but things happen. If your love is really strong, you and your lover will be able to avoid cheating, but emotions are a funny thing and there is no guarantee on anything.

A huge part of long distance relationship advice is to keep your head on your shoulders, so to speak. Long distance relationships can make a little bit of time feel like a short period of time and you need to be aware of that. Even if you feel like you know the person in depth and that you know everything they do, you probably don’t. Just like they don’t know absolutely everything about you or what you’re doing. A week or a month can feel like several months of correspondence, but there is no replacement for actually corresponding for several months instead of feeling like it’s been that long.

Long distance relationships have their own ups and downs, and just like with face to face relationships, there is not going to be just a straight line of ups to work with. Work with your partner and make your long distance relationship work, together. There isn’t a lot of long distance relationship advice to work with, but if your love is strong enough, you will be able to make it through.

Relationship Advice for Men /relationship-advice-for-men/ /relationship-advice-for-men/#comments Sun, 05 Apr 2009 18:44:07 +0000 /?p=45 Men and women are different, there is no doubt about that. But there are ways to make the two genders work together to keep a relationship strong and keep you both happy

Men don’t like to get relationship advice, that’s no secret. It feels like they’ve been doing something wrong and no man likes to admit when he’s in the wrong, even when he knows he is. Relationship advice for men specifically is tricky, and they definitely don’t want their girlfriend or wife to know they’re looking for advice unless they want to show off how much they care about them. So guys, here’s some advice that you can use subtly to keep your relationship happy.

1. Don’t point out other women to your girlfriend or wife. You may do it all the time, or you may do it some of the time, but keep it to yourself. No woman wants to hear about how attractive another woman is. Much like men, women are also very competitive, but in different ways. Don’t turn your head to stare at other women when you’re with your significant other, often times you’re going to turn back to her giving you a dirty look or being a little irked. You may be lucky to have a woman who doesn’t care where you look as long as you don’t do anything, but most women do not have that type of mindset.

2. Don’t treat your girlfriend or wife like one of the guys, even if she’s a tomboy. You can joke around with her and include her in hanging out with your friends but don’t treat her like she’s your friend, because she’s not. A friend doesn’t love you in the same way, and she probably doesn’t care about you in the same way a friend does. Just be sensitive to the fact that she’s your significant other, not your friend. There is a big difference. This is great relationship advice for men, because many men forget to include their girlfriends in things or treat them too much like they’re one of the guys. There is a thin line between inclusion and treating your woman the wrong way.

3. If she’s talking to you, try to listen. But don’t just sit there, talk back. Even if it’s not about what she’s talking about, keep the conversation going and try to open up a little bit. Women appreciate it when you are open with them about certain things and don’t like it when their husband or boyfriend doesn’t tell them anything or doesn’t talk much.

Women are difficult to understand, but remember that you’re difficult to understand to them. Figure out where her social and romantic boundaries are and work with them. She’ll broaden her scope of things that are okay or not on the way. If you’re looking to have a long and happy relationship, don’t make her do all the work. If you don’t put some effort into the relationship too, her love for you is bound to whittle down to nothing and you’ll be left looking for another woman again. That is the biggest piece of relationship advice for men I can give you.

Women Relationship Advice /women-relationship-advice/ /women-relationship-advice/#comments Sun, 05 Apr 2009 18:18:49 +0000 /?p=34 Sometimes relationships can feel more like work than fun. But what fun or happy part of life can you say doesn’t require some work to either make it happen or keep it entertaining? That may be a bad way to word it, but relationships take a fair bit of effort to keep strong and to keep you both happy. Women get upset much more often than men do and often the fall out in relationships are caused by men and women just not understanding each other. Specifically women relationship advice is very common, but here are some points any woman should keep in mind when going into a relationship or going through relationship problems

1. It’s a proven fact:

Men and women think differently. Women think with their heart much more than men do, which is why our behavior can come off as extremely erratic or confusing to most men. Try to keep a handle on your emotions, especially the negative ones. This is not women relationship advice specifically, but can be used in every day life. Keep your head above water and think level-headedly about the things you need to do or are going through.

2. Trust your boyfriend or husband, even if it’s difficult.

Relationships are torn apart constantly because of trust issues from either side, and forcing your boyfriend or husband to not do anything he wants to do because you’re worried he’s going to go out and cheat on you is extremely controlling and irritating to almost every man out there. He may tell you it’s okay and he understands, but he probably hates it. If you let him go and hang out with his friends and you’re uncomfortable with it, go out with your friends. It will keep your mind off of things and probably give you a new perspective on your trust issues.

3. Don’t try to hard to be both his friend and his lover.

If you’re both, that’s great. But if you’re not now, chances are you never will be. Men like a woman they can joke around and hang out with, but it’s not a requirement. Just because you don’t like to go to sports bars or baseball games doesn’t mean he’ll love you any less.

Yes, relationships are tough and complicated, but they’re worth it in the end. Put on a big smile and utilize this women relationship advice. If you really love him and he loves you, you’re both going to work your hardest to stay together, even if it’s difficult. And if you’ve found a man who is willing to make a real attempt to work through things, you are in luck. Strive for happiness together with him and you will both come out on top.