Relationship Advice Online

There’s a ton of relationship advice online, and it all seems to cover every subject under the sun. Want to know how to get a girlfriend even though you’re really shy? There’s advice online for that. Want to know how to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you? There are some tips all over the internet for that. A lot of them cover dating and not many focus on just relationships, which makes sense seeing as many people don’t get past the dating phase. Everyone has a different take on relationships and there’s bound to be a slew of different relationship advice out there to look at since everyone has been in at least one — even the people who haven’t actually gotten past dating have “relationship” advice.

There is one sound and proven rule that everyone should follow and that everyone who is in a stable relationship does follow: Think about both of you, not just yourself. This is really tough, because most people have basically gone through their lives mostly thinking about themselves and not about the people around them. Besides when they wonder if something they say has hurt a friend’s feelings.

Nobody ever said that being with somebody was a walk in the park (though sometimes it is literally). When you’re having problems, take a good look at yourself before pointing fingers and wonder who is really to blame?

The truth is, people are pretty careless when it comes to relationships and almost all of the problems you go through in a relationship come down to either or both of you thinking about one another’s feelings or opinions. Consideration is key, but most relationship advice online will make it into a big list of things. This can really be about small or big things, like where you want to go to eat or who you hang out with. Taking your partner to a steakhouse even though they’re vegetarian, while potentially offensive, is a small thing. Telling them you saw a really hot girl or guy when you were out one day can be a big or small thing, depending. Forgetting about something they needed to do because you were too busy doing something you wanted to do usually turns out to be a big thing.

Usually the little things build up to make one big problem. Subtract your partner’s wants and needs from your plans too often, and either they’re going to get bitter or they’re going to break up with you. It’s as simple as that. In that same vein, if they ignore or regard your wants and needs as unimportant and are not willing to listen to you, then the relationship isn’t in your best interest as a whole.

The point of a relationship is for two people to be happy. Most relationship advice online tells you that much. But they don’t tell you that you need to consider what you do and how it affects your lover, because you are probably doing more damage to your relationship than you realize pretty often.