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Relationship Advice for Men

Men and women are different, there is no doubt about that. But there are ways to make the two genders work together to keep a relationship strong and keep you both happy

Men don’t like to get relationship advice, that’s no secret. It feels like they’ve been doing something wrong and no man likes to admit when he’s in the wrong, even when he knows he is. Relationship advice for men specifically is tricky, and they definitely don’t want their girlfriend or wife to know they’re looking for advice unless they want to show off how much they care about them. So guys, here’s some advice that you can use subtly to keep your relationship happy.

1. Don’t point out other women to your girlfriend or wife. You may do it all the time, or you may do it some of the time, but keep it to yourself. No woman wants to hear about how attractive another woman is. Much like men, women are also very competitive, but in different ways. Don’t turn your head to stare at other women when you’re with your significant other, often times you’re going to turn back to her giving you a dirty look or being a little irked. You may be lucky to have a woman who doesn’t care where you look as long as you don’t do anything, but most women do not have that type of mindset.

2. Don’t treat your girlfriend or wife like one of the guys, even if she’s a tomboy. You can joke around with her and include her in hanging out with your friends but don’t treat her like she’s your friend, because she’s not. A friend doesn’t love you in the same way, and she probably doesn’t care about you in the same way a friend does. Just be sensitive to the fact that she’s your significant other, not your friend. There is a big difference. This is great relationship advice for men, because many men forget to include their girlfriends in things or treat them too much like they’re one of the guys. There is a thin line between inclusion and treating your woman the wrong way.

3. If she’s talking to you, try to listen. But don’t just sit there, talk back. Even if it’s not about what she’s talking about, keep the conversation going and try to open up a little bit. Women appreciate it when you are open with them about certain things and don’t like it when their husband or boyfriend doesn’t tell them anything or doesn’t talk much.

Women are difficult to understand, but remember that you’re difficult to understand to them. Figure out where her social and romantic boundaries are and work with them. She’ll broaden her scope of things that are okay or not on the way. If you’re looking to have a long and happy relationship, don’t make her do all the work. If you don’t put some effort into the relationship too, her love for you is bound to whittle down to nothing and you’ll be left looking for another woman again. That is the biggest piece of relationship advice for men I can give you.