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Relationship Problem Advice

Love is complicated and in order to keep up a happy relationship, there needs to be a specific amount of dedication from both sides. Sometimes you need to give more than you take, but in the end it could be worth all the trouble.

Everyone has some sort of advice for relationships, ranging from great to atrocious. But dating is not an exact science. Every person and relationship they have is different. But no matter the circumstances, the same knowledge holds true for every meaningful relationship.

  • Love and know yourself: Yes, it is a bit cliché, but I’m not saying “If you can’t love yourself, how can you love someone else?” I’m saying that knowing who you are and accepting you for you is critical to a sound, meaningful relationship. Accepting yourself will save you numerous headaches from drama and arguments in the future. The saying should be “If you don’t truly know yourself, how can other people get to know you?”

  • Do not always assume that you are in the right and that everyone else is in the wrong: Because you are not some sort of superhuman who happens to have the “never wrong” superpower. Think with a level head in the event of a disagreement and take full consideration of your partner’s side of things. If you’re the type to get into arguments for no explainable reason, this is important. It’s better to think soundly and treat your partner with respect while admitting you’re wrong than going on a tirade trying to prove your point, upsetting both you and your partner.

  • Trust your partner and they will trust you: Trust is one of the biggest factors in any relationship, no matter if it is romantic or platonic. Friends trust friends, right? So why wouldn’t lovers trust lovers? The fact of the matter is that in a romantic relationship there is usually more on the line than there is in a platonic relationship and most people don’t want to lose someone they love more than anything in the world. There are naturally some situations where suspicion may come up — life is like that — but if one of those situations does not specifically come up, then there is no reason to oversee your partner to make sure they are being loyal. This is possibly the best piece of advice for relationships you can get. Years or months of commitment can get torn down in an instant with a simple feeling of distrust and finger pointing. It’s just silly to worry over loyalty all the time. If they’re with you now, why would they be going after someone else? Unless, of course, something specific gives you that feeling.

Each relationship has its own flavor and things just happen sometimes. Keep these three bits of advice for relationships in mind during your next or current relationship and trust me, things will go smoother than you’d ever expected. Sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest difference.

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