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Women Relationship Advice

Sometimes relationships can feel more like work than fun. But what fun or happy part of life can you say doesn’t require some work to either make it happen or keep it entertaining? That may be a bad way to word it, but relationships take a fair bit of effort to keep strong and to keep you both happy. Women get upset much more often than men do and often the fall out in relationships are caused by men and women just not understanding each other. Specifically women relationship advice is very common, but here are some points any woman should keep in mind when going into a relationship or going through relationship problems

1. It’s a proven fact:

Men and women think differently. Women think with their heart much more than men do, which is why our behavior can come off as extremely erratic or confusing to most men. Try to keep a handle on your emotions, especially the negative ones. This is not women relationship advice specifically, but can be used in every day life. Keep your head above water and think level-headedly about the things you need to do or are going through.

2. Trust your boyfriend or husband, even if it’s difficult.

Relationships are torn apart constantly because of trust issues from either side, and forcing your boyfriend or husband to not do anything he wants to do because you’re worried he’s going to go out and cheat on you is extremely controlling and irritating to almost every man out there. He may tell you it’s okay and he understands, but he probably hates it. If you let him go and hang out with his friends and you’re uncomfortable with it, go out with your friends. It will keep your mind off of things and probably give you a new perspective on your trust issues.

3. Don’t try to hard to be both his friend and his lover.

If you’re both, that’s great. But if you’re not now, chances are you never will be. Men like a woman they can joke around and hang out with, but it’s not a requirement. Just because you don’t like to go to sports bars or baseball games doesn’t mean he’ll love you any less.

Yes, relationships are tough and complicated, but they’re worth it in the end. Put on a big smile and utilize this women relationship advice. If you really love him and he loves you, you’re both going to work your hardest to stay together, even if it’s difficult. And if you’ve found a man who is willing to make a real attempt to work through things, you are in luck. Strive for happiness together with him and you will both come out on top.

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